The schedule is tentative and subject to change. Homework due dates will be conveyed separately.

Date Lecture Topic Due Dates
26-Aug-2015 Introduction
31-Aug-2015 Measurement - I
1-Sep-2015 HW1 Due 7pm
2-Sep-2015 Measurement - II
7-Sep-2015 LABOR DAY (Holiday)
9-Sep-2015 Single-Thread Performance (STP): In-order pipelines
14-Sep-2015 STP: Out-of-Order Superscalar pipelines
16-Sep-2015 STP: Vectorization
21-Sep-2015 STP: Caches -- I
23-Sep-2015 STP: Caches -- II
28-Sep-2015 Case Study of "Self-optimizing software"
30-Sep-2015 STP: I/O Performance
5-Oct-2015 Leveraging Compiler Support for Performance
7-Oct-2015 Introduction to Performance Models A1 Due
12-Oct-2015 Multicore Performance (MP): Multiprocessing
Instruction Sets Want to be Free: A Case for RISC-V, David Patterson, POB 2.302
14-Oct-2015 MP: Multithreading
19-Oct-2015 MP: Scheduling/Work Distribution
21-Oct-2015 MP: Synchronization A2 Due
26-Oct-2015 MP: Coherence and Consistency
28-Oct-2015 MP: Consistency and NUMA
2-Nov-2015 Operating systems and performance
4-Nov-2015 Accelerators: Introduction and Programming Models
9-Nov-2015 GPU Performance I
11-Nov-2015 GPU Performance II A3 Due
16-Nov-2015 Distributed Systems (DS): Introduction
18-Nov-2015 DS: HPC Programming Models (Henrique Fingler)
23-Nov-2015 DS: Other Programming Models
25-Nov-2015 DS: Performance Concerns A4 Due
30-Nov-2015 Wrapup
2-Dec-2015 No class, project progress reports in my office (extended)
12-Dec-2015 Final Project Presentations, WEL 2.256 7PM--10PM Project Due