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Research Interests

I am currently a research scientist in the Center for Predictive Engineering and Computational Science at the Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences (ICES). Formerly I worked in the Computational Mechanics and Geometry lab (CMGLab) of Aerospace Engineering Sciences at CU boulder, and the Computational Hydraulics Group (CHG).

Some applications problems of particular interest include: computational fluid dynamics, turbulence, nonlinear plasma physics, kinetic theory, MHD, electromagnetics, structure-fluid interaction, plasma-material interaction, multiphase geophysical flows, storm surge, magnetic confinement fusion, tokamaks, stellarators, multicomponent reactor chemistry, etc. My technical research interests include design, implementation, and analysis of large-scale computational methodologies for science and engineering applications, high order numerical methods, structure preservation, geometric methods, uncertainty quantification, model adequacy, optimization, adaptibility, control, sensitivity, scalability, etc.

Listed below are some of my coding projects.

Codebase: DG-SWEM
Role: Design, implementation, analysis, developement
Languages: Fortran, Python
Availability: github repo
Documentation: Input files, Wiki, User group
Description: DG-SWEM (discontinuous Galerkin shallow water equation model) is a high order accurate modal DG code on unstructured meshes.

Codebase: ArcOn
Role: Design, implementation, analysis, developement
Language: C++, C
Supplement: deal.ii, PETSc, p4est
Availability: github repo
Description: ArcOn is a plasma physics engine aimed at analyzing convection-dominated plasma dynamics (e.g. in tokamaks) to very high order accuracy.
Links: IFS

Codebase: Quiescent
Role: Design, implementation, analysis, developement
Language: C++
Supplement: deal.ii
Availability: github
Description: Quiescent is a multicomponent hp-adaptive reaction diffusion system, aimed at studying reactor dynamics where convection can be neglected.